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Our mission is to provide the highest quality money transfer services in order to improve the
functioning of small and medium-sized Polish companies in the UK.
We are the financial institution providing the largest Polish IT platform developed for
international money transfers. We specialize in money remittance between businesses based in
the UK and Poland.


Sami Swoi Premium was founded in 2004, offering a convenient and secure
way to transfer money to Poland. Thanks to the experience we have gained in the retail sector,
servicing hundreds of thousands of transfers and customers, we now offer a variety of money
transfers, which guarantees exceptional quality.
Specializing in one remittance corridor allow us to immediately react to clients’ needs and
transfer recipient. We guarantee reliability and security of our clients’ funds, effectively
increasing competitiveness on the international money remittance market.


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Milena Wełnitz-Jankowska

Specjalista ds. Marketingu

📞 +44 208 819 6369

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📍60 The Mall, Ealing Broadway, London W5 3TA.