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Dauman Logistics make getting stuff from A to B as easy and efficient as possible. We understand that while logistics is a simple word, without the right expertise and knowledge, it can be a complex business. From transportation, administration and packaging to warehousing, regulations and market specific guidelines, Dauman Logistics have everything covered.

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What makes Dauman Logistics different is the surround services offered, courtesy of the wider J. Dauman Group, including comprehensive Customs & Excise services, accounting and tax services, along with general financial and business support. 

  • Customs & VAT
    • We provide our clients with a full service of customs clearance using electronic systems such as ECS, NCTS, CELINA, ZEFIR
  • Transport and freight services
    • Whether road, sea, river, rail or air we can help organise the right route and equipment to get your cargo where it needs to be
  • Warehousing
    • We have access to all kinds of warehousing to suit your needs. If you need a railway siding, a packing production line or pallet storage, just let us know
  • Consulting and training
    • Optimised strategies and processes are key to logistics success. We provide organisational and legal consulting in the TSL industry, developing dedicated projects, contract templates and ensuring general compliance to logistics regulations


Through its international links, Dauman Logistics provides access to a wide range of contacts and business partners in the UK and around the world, which in an era of change and Brexit is an invaluable support for companies operating internationally. Our specialist knowledge of the UK and Polish markets has seen many clients smoothly navigate the potential challenges of Brexit into robust business opportunities.


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