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New Member ProfileColibri Accounting Ltd provides accounting services for small limited companies and self-employed people. I offer bookkeeping and accounting services from A to Z as an HMRC-approved agent.




The company's founder and director - Barbara Olejnik - has experience in the financial department for over 20 years.


Basia-Olejnik-kolor-600x712I have experience working in financial departments since 2000. The experience I gained allowed me to become an assistant financial director in one of the development companies in Warsaw. At the same time, I have been an entrepreneur continuously since 2009. During these years, I have experienced a situation more than once, and I saw what people who want to open their first companies and go on their own could struggle with. I also know what problems and challenges may be encountered by entrepreneurs who already run their own businesses. I know from experience and practice how to avoid unpleasant situations and efficiently manage the heart of any business - accounting.


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Barbara Olejnik


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