Success is a journey. Our vision is always to deliver a successful project. It means within budget, on time, safe and with the excellent quality

This profile shows the examples of service we provide to help you deliver a successful project and it is prepared for subcontractors and main contractors.

1. Planning with full logistics - access, traffic management, fire exits, crane, hoists , project locations.
2. Construction programmes and sequence of works.
3. Design and Scope of works improvements.
4. Procurement process
5. Handover s sequence, quality check and sign off stage payments.
6. Warranty providers.
7. Presentation improvement , CCS improvements .
8. H&S improvements .
9. Advice how to work effectively for big developers, i.e. contracts, scope of works, programme, hand over process.
10. Offsite Manufacturing - strategy and implementation - design, decision making process.
11. Documents management control – H&S, Technical, Commercial, Construction.
12. Creating the right culture on site - How to create a nice and effective environment at work.
13. Recruiting the right people from Project Director to Steelfixers
14. Creating and managing high performing teams.
15. Tender assistance for subcontractors.
16. Tender assistance for main contractor.
17. Establishing suitable supply chains depending on project and location
18. Creating databases of suppliers and sub-contractors
19. Procurement Action Plans
20. Risk and Opportunity Register
21. Key Performance Indicators for Suppliers, Sub- Contractors and Consultants
22. Extensive knowledge in Off-Site Manufacturing
23. Advice on trading agreements to benefit the business

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Sebastian Czajka